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The main influencing factor for creating this web resource was to ultimately to fill a void. There are many resources on the web but few focus on teaching Jewish history at the high school level. It is this void that this website hopes to fill. hopes to create a resource for teachers that provides good material to be used in the classroom. The material can be used to teach a Jewish history class or as part of an integrated curriculum that integrates Jewish history into a general history course. is not the sole expert on this topic. will be most successful as a collaborative endeavor. We incorporate texts from other sources and hope to include work for other teachers as well. It is a work-in-progress resource that hopes to grow as time passes, as curricula develop and change, and as teachers share their resources.

Please be patient as more content is added. If you wish to see a topic that has not yet been covered or have material to offer, please feel free to contact us. is the brainchilde of a group ofhistory teachers at a private Jewish High School. When planning our history curriculum that integrates Jewish history into a general history curriculum, we realized that there are few resources for high school teachers teaching Jewish history both in print and on the web. We had to create our own resources for our classes. Because of the missing resources, we felt that it was important to share our curriculum on the web. was always a hopeful idea that would become a reality when (and if) we had time. It became a reality beginning in the Fall of 2009 as a project for a Masters program in Educational Technology at California State University, Northridge.

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Etan Kelman - Etan currently is in his sixth year of teaching history. He has been working in the field of education since graduating college. He spent five years doing web content development at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. After working with tour groups visiting the museum, Etan realized that he prefered teaching over sitting behind a desk. Etan made the transfer to teaching and has not looked back. He is currently in the process of obtaining a Masters in Educational Technology at California State University, Northridge. This website is his project for the Master's program.

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